Taking a break…

Hi everybody,

My current day job is becoming more and more oriented towards the public markets, which has the potential to create conflicts and significantly limits my ability to discuss publicly traded companies. Given this situation I decided to take a break from publishing on this site. As you may guess, this wasn’t an easy decision… this blog and its readers have been a significant part of my life for over a decade but it is the inevitable one given the circumstances. I am very grateful and feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to interact with all of you. I am going to miss it.

Take care,


127 thoughts on “Taking a break…

  1. $BLUE. bluebird

    At one time I’ve mistakenly commented of this as one of Ohad’s pick and he corrected me but mentioned that there’s nothing wrong having it.

    I held on and yesterday FDA had granted it’s approval.

    Thanks to Ohad for his honesty and pure insight.


  2. hey Andre,

    seems FSTX has a lot of great programs, including the Lag-3 Pd-L1 bispecific. plus their tech is pig and play with very nice features. Current valuations seems very low compared to peers. I think you first mentioned them here in December or so. They have many catalyst in next 12 months and valuation could easily triple. Are you on Twitter?


  3. HI Dan
    BMS data seams to support LAG3 / PD-1 combo. Nice to see lower grade 3-4 AE rate. Let’s see the ORR in the BMS June 6 presentation.
    The next update on the FS118 is Q1 2022, which is very important to understand IF bispecific offers more than just 2 drug combo – like better target engagement or / and less side effects.
    Both could be true, and probably theoretically they are, but they should be better by a lot, since the dual drug combo is getting a lot of competition and is easy to make.
    FS118 can become a nice story if the safety is significantly better. However without data is difficult to say, therefore I am on the sideline until Q1 2022.

    Personally I am moving more and more in to Synthetic lethality (RPTX, IDYA, PRLD plus looking to add BCTG /Tango someday ) and PROTAK (ARVN, KYMR, NRIX plus looking to add at the right price CCCC). They are really, really very expensive, but offer an unique platform from where you can get multiple treatments.


    • Ceo has explained advantage on terms of tuning and cross-linking of their tetravalent format – also in terms of avidity. No certainty until we see results but I expect that this will prove true. Right now valuation is very low given also partnership with pharma and uniqueness of their platform and focus on IO.


  4. We are getting close to Xene ph2 results. My feeling is that Ohad would be holding through the binary event, especially since valuation has Taken a hit. Care to share your thoughts?

    Fstx is now my second latgest position given lag-3 validation and company’s low EV. Also find ceo outstanding.


  5. XENE an Ohad recommendation is still in my portfolio…. and is a lot of fun.
    MDGL is my favorite regarding NASH in terms of speed. AVIR my bet at covid19.


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